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Karlis Ulmanis – Good Guy or Bad Guy? and other unanswered questions

Just when I think I’m starting to understand the Latvian psyche I start to observe things for which I can find no logical reasons. I have 3 questions which I would like some rational answers. Why is Karlis Ulmanis still … Continue reading

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Teaching in Latvia – Compared to the UK

Education, Education, Education – Part 3 Before I start, I think it only fair to point out that these are my first impressions. I have only had 4 months teaching experience in the Latvian education system so I have much … Continue reading

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Latvian Education Compared

Education, Education, Education Part 2 So what’s it like for a non-Latvian speaker working in a Latvian state school, I hear you ask. Challenging to say the least. First and foremost, most of my colleagues don’t speak English so staff … Continue reading

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Education, Education, Education Part 1

When I started writing this blog I intended to record my first 12months experiences of living in Latvia and then stop. I did wite for 20 months and then stopped. It wasn’t a conscious decision but it dropped down my … Continue reading

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Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus

For my English readers the title of this post reads “Merry Christmas”. Why write the title in Latvian you may ask? Has my written Latvian improved significantly? Definitely no!! Am I going mad? Quite possibly if you saw me tonight. … Continue reading

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No Rubbish Here

I always wanted to reduce my carbon footprint  but living in a flat in London meant it was almost impossible to do so. Now quite by accident and as a consequence of countryside living we have done so. I remember … Continue reading

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Problem solved

I like my food, particularly meat. As much as I adore freshly grown vegetables and salad, I can’t do without meat. In the UK I can go to any supermarket or butchers shop and buy exactly the cut of meat … Continue reading

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I don’t know – I was in China

Politicians worldwide are known for making the wrong decisions at the wrong time and Latvian politicians are no exception. Last Friday whilst the very poorly paid teachers of Latvia were on strike, the members of the Saima awarded themselves a large … Continue reading

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King of The Castle – Not me

Many years ago, whilst living the ignorance which comes with inexperience, I foolishly believed that when I became a house owner I would be the King of all I surveyed. With a little more maturity I came to realise that … Continue reading

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Latvian Identity – what is it?

What is it, that uniquely identifies a Latvian? For a country where the notion of a Latvian consciousness didn’t appear until the later stages of the nineteenth century, there is certainly a very strong sense of Latvian identity now. Some … Continue reading

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Why no improvement?

Driving down the Tallin motorway, as I do four days a week, the poor quality of driving and the high level of unnecessary risk never fails to surprise me. I know I blogged about this topic last year, but having … Continue reading

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A Bountiful Harvest – For our first attempt

Growing your own food successfully is a mystery which only seems to be solved with the passing of time. Inta is a true Latvian so planning in advance is not something which comes naturally. She has to feel what, where, … Continue reading

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Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!!!!

I’m in envy of my fellow bloggers who in their busy schedules find time to write their blogs. I know my time management skills aren’t the best but when I started to write this blog I fully expected to at … Continue reading

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Hommage to Scotland

Latvia and Scotland have more in common than one at first might think. They both produce porridge oats, they produce wonderful dairy products, they grow scrumptious berries and they both produce very drinkable spirits. As everyone knows Scotland produces fantastic whisky, … Continue reading

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Latvians take responsibility

One of the most striking differences between the UK and Latvia is the degree to which individuals take personal responsibility for events in their lives and don’t take to the courts or expect the state to sort their problems out. … Continue reading

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