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Latvian middle classes – do they exist?

For better or for worse the UK is a very class conscious society. I’m not commenting on the degree of social mobility that exists or whether class consciousness is a good or bad thing. I’m merely stating that everyone appears to be aware of … Continue reading

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Celebrity – Moi, Non non non !!!

Sorry about the title being in French, but had to be ready for my French students tomorrow. Just trying to get in to the mood. If any one needed convincing about the power of the internet to spread information then just … Continue reading

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Hurry Up Spring

I leave for work, in Pinki, every morning about 6.30 am, the journey takes about 90 minutes. I arrive home between 5.30 and 6.00. I don’t particularly mind the travelling, I have a nice car, I listen to some classic … Continue reading

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Dinaaaaaamo, Dinaaaaaaamo

This was the chant that might have caused a sore throat, but thankfully it didn’t. On Friday I attended my first ever ice hockey match, and I’m so glad I went. Apart from Dynamo Riga winning 3 – 1 it … Continue reading

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Latvia knows how to party

We were recently lucky to be invited to the Independence Day celebrations at our local village school. For my non Latvian readers that is independence from Soviet occupation not aliens. A hugely important day, one in which Latvians celebrate their … Continue reading

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Ok Latvia, you win

I’ve decided to throw in the towel, ditch my west European values and attitudes in the bin and adopt Latvian values particularly when it comes to measuring time. The alternative was to have a nervous breakdown or go grey overnight … Continue reading

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Finally, time for an update.

Thank god for some bad weather. Over the past two months all I seem to have done is move piles of something. It has either been spreading piles of cow crap around the fruit bushes and trees, moving a large … Continue reading

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Things you might see lots of in Latvia

This list is a comparison with the UK. So please don’t have a go at me if you have lots in your country of residence. The list is in no particular order, just as they enter my mind. STORKS – … Continue reading

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Winterizing under way at last

The house is like a building site. Do I care? No. At least we will be warm this winter, as I am assured it is going to be a cold one because Latvia never has two consecutive mild winters. So … Continue reading

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A month of country living

I’ve been trying to write this blog for the last 6 days but country living combined with a job is putting a significant pressure on time. Should finish it tonight hopefully. Despite being the new diet of Latvian flies, despite … Continue reading

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Latvian driving: the worst?

On Wednesday after work, I drove home as usual up the Tallinn motorway, as it is known. It was another lovely summer day and I was thinking about all the jobs I had to in the garden. The traffic hadn’t … Continue reading

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Now the hard work begins

Yes, I am still alive, but exhausted at trying to get our house sorted. No time to write a blog. A Latvian lady we met recently said now that you have bought a house in the country you won’t have … Continue reading

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The Worst Road in Latvia

Now I know much has been said about the poor condition of Latvian roads, but the road between Limbazi and Steine must be the worst. There is a section of it, approximately 7 kilometres, which ranks as the worst I … Continue reading

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My first Ligo/Jani Celebration

After a days rest, we headed off in to the countryside in search of an authentic celebration. In response an earlier blog somebody recommended that we go to a farm called Gulbi which is about 2.5 hrs from Riga in the general … Continue reading

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Riga 2014 Saulgriezi – Mezaparka

Decided to spend mid summer solstice immersing my self in some Latvian cultural entertainment. Again, as at all Latvian events, lots and food, beer, singing and dancing. Now before anyone takes offence I’m actually paying some compliments here. Despite copious amounts of alcohol … Continue reading

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