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Riga 2014 Saulgriezi – Mezaparka

Decided to spend mid summer solstice immersing my self in some Latvian cultural entertainment. Again, as at all Latvian events, lots and food, beer, singing and dancing. Now before anyone takes offence I’m actually paying some compliments here. Despite copious amounts of alcohol … Continue reading

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Latvia, North, East or North East Europe?

In my last blog I seemed to have offended some people by claiming Latvia was in East Europe. No offence intended. I would be grateful for other Latvian opinions on where Latvia is situated. Please give me your logical reasoning, not … Continue reading

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Ranting Time

Does the Latvian economy want overseas investment or not. I want to buy a house, the seller wants to sell her house. But the level of bureaucracy, inefficiency and incompetence in the system is astounding. Let me give you a list … Continue reading

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Celebration Time – Come On

Party season really started in earnest this week; pre Jani party on Tuesday and dancing in the street with excellent live bands at a packed Kalnciema Kvartāls on Thursday and a school graduation celebration on Friday. Three midweek socials; life was … Continue reading

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Have you seen the little piggies crawling in the dirt?

Bonus point if you get the band and album from which this song was taken. Never mind the piggies though, because it occurred to me, over the weekend, that I rarely see any animals in the fields in Latvia. I think … Continue reading

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Shopping Blues

Shopping seems to have become our most popular pastime since arriving in Latvia. Late yesterday Inta invited one of her cousins for lunch today (Sunday). The fact that we had no food in the fridge coupled with the fact that … Continue reading

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Week 5 – Englishman goes Viral, Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank, thank you, thank you. What a crazy 10 days it’s been. I’m plodding along getting my usual 20-50 views per day when I wake up last Thursday to check if any comments need approving or replying to. What I find I … Continue reading

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Latvian Economy – I don’t get it.

I recently had need of a bicycle pump. I noticed on the road out of Riga, just past Spice, a sign saying Elkor Sports. So in we went. WOW!!!! Possible the best stocked sports shop I’ve ever seen. Huge range … Continue reading

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Latvian Conspiracy Uncovered

When in the UK, no matter how hard I tried, I could never find a pair o slippers I liked. I now know why. It seems like Latvia imports the 90% of the worlds production of slippers. Every home you … Continue reading

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