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Latvians take responsibility

One of the most striking differences between the UK and Latvia is the degree to which individuals take personal responsibility for events in their lives and don’t take to the courts or expect the state to sort their problems out. … Continue reading

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Latvian middle classes – do they exist?

For better or for worse the UK is a very class conscious society. I’m not commenting on the degree of social mobility that exists or whether class consciousness is a good or bad thing. I’m merely stating that everyone appears to be aware of … Continue reading

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Celebrity – Moi, Non non non !!!

Sorry about the title being in French, but had to be ready for my French students tomorrow. Just trying to get in to the mood. If any one needed convincing about the power of the internet to spread information then just … Continue reading

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Hurry Up Spring

I leave for work, in Pinki, every morning about 6.30 am, the journey takes about 90 minutes. I arrive home between 5.30 and 6.00. I don’t particularly mind the travelling, I have a nice car, I listen to some classic … Continue reading

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