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Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus

For my English readers the title of this post reads “Merry Christmas”. Why write the title in Latvian you may ask? Has my written Latvian improved significantly? Definitely no!! Am I going mad? Quite possibly if you saw me tonight. … Continue reading

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No Rubbish Here

I always wanted to reduce my carbon footprint  but living in a flat in London meant it was almost impossible to do so. Now quite by accident and as a consequence of countryside living we have done so. I remember … Continue reading

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Problem solved

I like my food, particularly meat. As much as I adore freshly grown vegetables and salad, I can’t do without meat. In the UK I can go to any supermarket or butchers shop and buy exactly the cut of meat … Continue reading

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I don’t know – I was in China

Politicians worldwide are known for making the wrong decisions at the wrong time and Latvian politicians are no exception. Last Friday whilst the very poorly paid teachers of Latvia were on strike, the members of the Saima awarded themselves a large … Continue reading

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