Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!!!!

I’m in envy of my fellow bloggers who in their busy schedules find time to write their blogs. I know my time management skills aren’t the best but when I started to write this blog I fully expected to at least keep writing it for the first year. I failed miserably. Didn’t even make nine months. By the time we got to February I was exhausted. I could use the excuse of 3 hours commuting between Limbazi and Riga 4 days a week, or learning to teach age groups, subjects and a curriculum I’ve never encountered before, or renovating a house and gardens, or that age was finally catching up with me. However in truth I think it was a combination of all of them. I hoped somewhat naively that when I moved to Latvia I would have time to do all  those things I did’t have time to do in London. We’ve even discussed whether I should retire, but that’s not possible at the moment.

However I think we’ve turned the corner now. The house is virtually finished and I’m teaching maths again to grade 6, which is what I trained to do. So it’s time to start blogging again. Over the next few weeks I’ll try and catch up with what’s happened over the last 7 months, which is a lot.

Again, apologies for the long period of inactivity, but will get back on track soon.

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3 Responses to Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!!!!

  1. vinebob says:

    I’m hoping that when I get to LATVIA in early November I have time to relax for a few months but am thinking from your experience it might not be possible.


  2. Sue says:

    I think you have done remarkably well. Time to settle the pace and enjoy the fruits of your labour. X


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