First Day at Work in Latvia

A very interesting first day at the International School of Latvia. I’m not sure what the leadership team in my previous schools would think about if they could see, students not wearing uniforms, pupils hugging pupils, teachers hugging pupils, teachers hugging teachers, no bells between lesson and the school director collecting dirty plates in the dining hall. But hey it seems to work and the school is thriving. The school takes most of its students from the international business community and the diplomatic core in Riga. In fact some of teachers have spouses in the diplomatic core.

Spent all day trying to bring back to life 11 Samsung Netbooks which had sat around gathering dust. Tried switching them on and off and on again but this didn’t seem to work. Mr Richardson, I won’t be taking any advice from you again. Why anybody would want to buy these I don’t know, but I would consider my day successful; got 7 out of the 11 working, school management were happy. I’m going to be spending at least every Friday doing tech support, other days in the future will be filled doing supply (substitute) teaching, managing the school information management system, a little ICT teaching and French teaching to KS2 pupils. Yes you read it correctly, French. My old French teacher at Bolton School will be having a long laugh if reads this. I wasn’t the best of French students.

I look forward to keeping you updated with my school experiences.

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1 Response to First Day at Work in Latvia

  1. Iia Ziza says:

    Nice work fixing those Netbooks Sir! If you need any help hmu anytime!


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