Food Glorious Food

I’m not sure why the Latvians aren’t a race of teletubbies. All we seem to have done in these first 3 days is eat. If a friend calls round in England it’s a cup of tea and a biscuit. Oh no, not in Latvia. When a friend drops by it seems to be an excuse to eat. Within minutes of arriving the table is laid and a veritable banquet appears from nowhere. It is of course impolite to refuse, so we tuck in waiting for the food to stop appearing. Take last night for example, Inta and I visited her friend on the occasion of her birthday, we arrived about 3.00 started eating and drinking almost immediately and only finished about 9.00 when the food was removed from the table. I’ve suffered from over eating all day.

Being a foodie I never seem to know when to say no to interesting foods. Yesterday on our way to the birthday party we bought some strange mushroom type fungi, from a street vendor in Riga.

Cauliflower Fungus

Cauliflower Fungus

I subsequently found out they were called cauliflower fungus. Thanks bro. Now cooked with some onions, garlic, smoked chicken, fresh thyme and finished with cream they were delicious. Too delicious and my jeans seem to have shrunk again. I think a walk along the beach is called for.

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4 Responses to Food Glorious Food

  1. Richard Doxsey says:

    Norwegians are just the same !!


  2. Sue Charlton says:

    Sort out the exercise regime Andy! All sounds so lovely. Seems to me you’re in your element there xxx


  3. Peter Parker says:

    Nice to see you having a good time in Latvia, Andy!


  4. Egita says:

    If we feed you- we like you! It’s a some kind of expression of politeness 😉


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